In the territory

The structure of the Blue Light Disco Council in the Northern Territory is similar to most states but in 2004 significant changes have been made mainly due to our size. These major changes are as follows:

  • All Blue Light Branches in the Northern Territory will come under one incorporated body being the NORTHERN TERRITORY BLUE LIGHT DISCO COUNCIL. This will allow all Branches to apply for there own grants.

  • All Branches will still run their own discos with their own committee's but will send account books to Darwin to be audited all together as one identity for tax purposes.
  • The Northern Territory Blue Light Disco Council will have one constitution for all Branches.
  • Each Branch will receive a Branch Manual with a general guide on the running of a Blue Light Branch.

These changes will bring the Northern Territory Blue Light Disco Council into the future, and be a more organised, constructed, easily monitored organisation. This will save branches completing tax returns and let them apply for their own grants when needed.

The Northern Territory Blue Light Disco Council runs all its own accounts, it does not receive any direct funding from the Police except for the position of co-ordinator, which is filled by a member of its Police service. All members involved in running its events are volunteers. The Northern Territory Police management is very supportive in providing a vehicle when required assistance to attend national conferences, and administrative support.

contact details

NT President:
Jeffrey Mosel

State Office Address:
NT Blue Light Disco Council Inc.,

P: 0422 187263