rules - mandatory

  • No drugs
  • No alcohol before or during a Blue Light event.
  • No offensive or violent behaviour i.e. fighting/inappropriate language, throw missiles etc.
  • No Pass outs.
  • No smoking during events. (Unless a separate area is set aside for patrons to smoke.) It is preferred that all Blue Light events are smoke free and supervisors to refrain from smoking to promote a healthier lifestyle to the patrons.


  • No entry to event after a pre-determined time. (Keep in mind that there may be some groups of children who have legitimate reasons for late entry such as sport training, etc.)
  • Patrons leaving early must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • No chewing gum allowed in closed venues.
  • The search of persons clothing and bags is permissible. Refusal to allow searches result in the refusal of entry to venue. Searches to be conducted by police members, as far as practicable.
  • Clothing standards (I.E. no thongs, studded belts, no steel cap boots, shirts must be worn at all times, etc. No offensive slogans or the like on clothing.
  • These are minium standards andit is expected that branches initiate appropriate guidelines according to the location and type of event. It is expected that each branch will inform staff, volunteers, supervisors, etc., of their own policies.
  • Any youth who disobeys the set rules may be banned from further attendance. This includes being removed from camp situations and conveyed to home address. Again, the branch committee is encouraged to make this decision in relation to length of time banned, parents advised or other extenuating circumstances. Where criminal offences are detected, a police member should handle appropriately.


upcoming events

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